In the middle of the night, the Pitbull followed his owner to bathroom․․․ . Fortunately, she quickly understood what it was․․․

Pitbull was trying to wake her up to show her something. Fortunately, she quickly understood what it was!

Tracy Daniels and her family were very excited when they adopted a Pitbull from the Adore-A-Bull animal welfare organization. It’s not their first Pitbull, so the whole family knows in advance that it will be a big and beautiful event. So an adorable puppy named Ember joins them as a new member of the family. And, within days, Ember quickly befriends Tre, the 10-year-old son of Tracy Daniels.
The Pitbull saves the child in the middle of a crisis!

While Ember has been living with her adoptive family for several months, Tracy was awakened one night in 2015 by her growls. This situation was very unusual because Ember usually never behaves like this. Also, of course, this worries its owner.
But after watching her Pitbull for a while, Tracy tells herself that nothing special is going on. So she goes back to bed. Ember doesn’t seem to agree with this and growls persistently. So long and so hard that Tracy finally gets up for good.

Ember heads straight for the bathroom, without hesitation, and Tracy follows her. But when she opens the door, she has a terrible vision: her son Tre is lying next to the tub and having a fit. Tracy immediately calls 911.


From Pitbull to Guardian Angel

Thanks to Ember, Tre’s life was saved. Indeed, without his warning, Tracy would never have been able to react quickly enough. Today Tre is discharged from the hospital and is doing better. But since that day, Ember never leaves him.


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