When your children start school, you are confronted with a new set of parental concerns.This list includes items such as their school shoes, books, what friends they make, what lunch to pack for them, and so on.But one thing that never leaves parents’ minds is their children’s safety.The journey to and from school can be daunting for both young children and their parents.There are strangers, speeding vehicles, dangerous people, and other frightening things.

Allowing your child to wait at the bus stop can be nerve-racking for parents who live in dangerous areas.Bus stops are typically safe places, and many children can find their way there without incident.But some families still like to be extra safe and have a guardian accompany their child to the bus stop.

In most cases, another person would fill this role.However, if you have a large dog, that works just as well.

This little girl had exactly that.She has little to fear with a large, protective canine companion on her side.If our observations are correct, her canine companion appears to be an English mastiff, one of the most common dog breeds.

Mastiff breeds are popular for their size and friendly personalities, making them excellent candidates for child protection.In fact, the American Kennel Club describes them as follows:”Mastiffs are patient, loving companions and guardians who respond best to gentle training.Mastiffs are fiercely loyal to their families, and their natural fear of strangers necessitates early socialization and training.”

Some of you may recall Hercules, a mastiff from the beloved 1993 film The Sandlot.The kids in the film believe Hercules is a terrible “beast” who hoards their baseballs and should not be approached.They are later confronted with the revelation that Hercules was not a beast.It was just a big, friendly dog who was misunderstood.

Of course, even though Mastiffs are gentle, they are still large dogs who will not hesitate to defend themselves or children.A protective, 200-pound dog is likely to be the best guardian a young girl could have.When you watch the video, it appears that the bus stop is right outside the little girl’s house.She had her big, furry companion stand guard until the bus arrived just to be safe.

We’re all probably aware of how much the internet loves big doggos by now, and this one is a real big doggo!He’s easily bigger than his girl and patiently waits for her to safely board the bus.What a good young man.

When the bus pulls away, he knows his job is done.He dashes back to the house after ensuring his daughter’s safety.He weighed in at 200 pounds.As his owner films him, you can see his big, droopy jowls and gentle expression.

It’s easy to see why people adore large dogs.The larger the dog, the more love it can hold.If big, friendly dogs are your thing, you should watch the video for yourself.Perhaps you could also share it so that more people can see this adorable Mastiff on their timelines!

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