Garbage collectors find an abandoned dog in a trash can…

As he was about to pick up the garbage in front of a residence, a garbage collector discovered a puppy in the dumpster. He and his colleague took care of the animal and notified the local shelter. The little canine was finally saved, but that wasn’t the only good news for him.

A puppy was rescued by a garbage collector who found him in the middle of the garbage. Days after being rescued, the quadruped found a loving family, WLWT reported Monday, April 25.

Thanks to Dave Carlson, the 6-month-old dog has escaped the worst after what appears to have been an abandonment, and is entitled to a fresh start. The young man works as a garbage collector in Columbus, Ohio. He was working in a residence to collect garbage when he saw movement in a dumpster.

Surprised, he realized it was a puppy. The poor animal could not extricate himself from the pile of household waste. Dave Carlson immediately called his superior Logan Sieg to inform him of the situation. The latter quickly joined him and both managed to recover the canine.

The puppy has found a family

At the Franklin County shelter, the pup, who was named Riley, received all the care and attention he needed. On Saturday, April 23, the foster home announced wonderful news on its Facebook page: Riley was adopted!

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