Frank, a young puppy, fell terribly. Click and read this story!

Frank is an adorable puppy who has made his family happy ever since he was adopted. But on the evening of Sunday, July 10, he mysteriously disappeared and, despite the search for his owners, remained unknown, reports the Mirror.

A few hours later, a resident of the town of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England, heard a dog cry coming from a deep well over 3 meters. Frank has been found. However, the poor fellow found himself in a more than delicate situation.

The passer-by therefore contacted his handlers and then the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Brigade, as it was impossible to save him without taking a reckless risk.

Informed men used adapted equipment. One of them climbed down the pit until he was able to securely tie the child.
Once this step was completed, the rescuer was able to carefully pull Frank out of the trap.

Fortunately, Frank did not stay long at the bottom of the pit. Therefore, he did not suffer from dehydration or malnutrition. However, a fall could result in serious injury. But to the delight of the firefighters and his owners, he was doing well.
The little one was only disoriented and frightened by his horrific experience. His coat was also stained, but a good bath relieved that inconvenience.

So Frank returned home after the team immortalized his rescue. “This fearless puppy had a very bad night. Fortunately, we were called on time,” the organization said in a Facebook post.

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