For 7 years, this woman with a big heart and her association have rescued 1,200 injured, neglected or euthanized dogs. (Video)

Over a thousand dogs have been able to start a new life thanks to Amber French and the partnership that links her to several associations. Stray, hungry, injured, sick or even euthanized animals.

Slim Jim is one of those miracles that, thanks to her, began a new life. A victim of a traffic accident, he recovered from his injuries thanks to an operation she funded. His kinsmen Robin and Penny were about to be euthanized due to lack of space at the shelter, but Amber French placed them on a last resort with a groomer in order to save their animals.

Hickory and Chase also risked being euthanized, but now they have a family after the intervention of their benefactress. Benny was attacked by a coyote, but Amber French treated him, and he was soon to find his new home.

In addition to animal rescue, Amber French works full-time in social services. She has dedicated to protecting children for 20 years. Her boss Tina Fraser admits that he admires this lady of boundless generosity and altruism. “She has a wonderful mindset,” she said. We all know her passion and we appreciate it. She dedicates her career to helping children and working with foster families, but is also devoted to animals.»

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