Five The Most Touching Videos About Unusual Friendship Between Animals! Love Rules The World)

Animals know how to be friends, and they put much more meaning into it than some people.

1. In business! The cat and the rat calmly gobble up delicious treats from the same plate. 🙂

2. And here is the second, no less touching video! It happened in South Africa. The baby elephant was abandoned by his own herd. The small and big cub would not have survived if it had not had a dog friend! 🙂

3. This opossum is called Poncho. The baby was found on the roadway — he was lying next to his dead mother, who, apparently, was hit by a car. Kind people saved the baby, taking him to their home. You will not believe it, but then the fate of the possum was taken care of … a shepherd dog named Hantu!

4. Do you know that a bear can be friends with a wolf? Finnish photographer Lassi Rautainen saw this with her own eyes…

5. And this little dog made friends with a Bengal tiger cub! Just look how this couple is having fun together. 🙂

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