Crazy Things For This French Bulldog Are Usual Things…

Henry is a French Bulldog who loves to drink bottled water. Lizzy Pallister, his owner, can’t give him tap water.
As the 29-year-old woman explains, her dog insists that she open the bottle in front of him.

The Metro UK website reports that Lizzy spends about fifty euros a month buying mineral water bags for her pet. Her dog drinks two packs of 12 bottles of water every week.

When asked about her dog’s behavior, Lizzy explains that her dog is a real diva: “I’ve never met a dog like Henry before. He should be the center of attention.»

“Every morning when I put the tap water on the floor, he pushes it with his elbow and then sits down, looking at me as a good try – where is my water bottle? «.

Henry’s demands don’t stop there. Apart from mineral water, Henry refuses to climb stairs and sleep alone.
Henry has developed little habits that he doesn’t want to change.

“I bought him a dog bed, but he refused to sleep on a dog bed, he will go to bed when I go. He got grumpy last night because I didn’t want to let him go.», — says Lizzy.

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