At 24, this young mother is the head of a family of 22 children

From the height of her 24 years, a Russian woman is already at the head of an XXL family. The latter is the mother of 21 babies born by a surrogate mother.

Remember! In April 2021, we tell you the story of Kristina, a mother like no other. And in less than a year, the 24-year-old young woman and her millionaire husband welcomed ten babies born by surrogate mother.

At that time, the couple who reside in Georgia had expressed their desire to have more than 100 children. It is clear that the two lovebirds are on track to realize their dream.

Recently, the spouses became the parents of eleven more children. Like their siblings, the babies were all born by surrogacy (surrogacy). The youngest of the XXL siblings is three months old.

In total, Kristina and her husband spent 168,000 euros to start a large family. Indeed, a surrogacy costs around 8000 euros per pregnancy. Surrogate mothers have all been carefully selected. The latter received psychological support and counseling sessions before joining the programme.

It was at the age of 17 that the young Russian gave birth to her first child , a little girl named Vika. The single mother met her boyfriend Galip while on a beach vacation in Batumi, where they fell head over heels in love.

Very quickly, the 57-year-old real estate magnate and his wife felt the need to have as many children as possible. The reason ? They had a lot of love to offer. That’s why they used surrogate mothers.

From the height of her 24 years, Kristina is a caring and attentive mother. She devotes a large part of her days to taking care of each of her children. She nevertheless benefits from the services of sixteen experienced nannies. This essential boost costs around 80,079 euros per year.

Together, they plan the children’s days so that they don’t miss anything. The young woman is also very careful about their diet. You will have understood it, the latter is very caring with her tribe. Kristina can also count on the presence of her eldest daughter to help her on a daily basis.

Today, the couple still aims to have more than 100 children. Spouses are waiting for their babies to grow up before getting started.

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