Arthur and Aggie, two inseparable cats suffering from a neurological disease, had to wait almost a year before they had a real home.

The cat and female were taken to Anchorage Animal Care and Control in Alaska. They both suffer from neurological problems that cause them to walk slightly unsteadily.

A few weeks later, the female named Aggie began to lose weight. Then it was decided to transfer the cat and her relative named Arthur to another, better prepared local shelter, owned by the association Mojo’s Hope. Volunteers could quickly see how attached the two cats were to each other.

Arthur and Aggie have cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disease that affects motor skills and coordination. However, it is present in moderate form in these two cats. If they have a few small balance problems, their quality of life does not suffer at all. “They can walk, climb (under supervision), litter and play,” says Shannon Basner, founder of Mojo’s Hope.

Arthur and Aggie are inseparable and are very attached to each other as well as to the people they meet. However, they had to be patient before they were adopted. After being spayed, they waited 10 months until February 2022. Their new owner fell in love with them upon meeting. They gave him the warmest welcome, purring nonstop during the interview.

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