An abandoned dog insists that volunteer rescuers follow her through the thicket. She knew something…

The Canadian Animal Welfare Association sent an officer to rescue the abandoned dog. When she arrived at the scene, she realized that many more than one animal would be involved in the rescue.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of British Columbia (BC SPCA) has been alerted to a dog, believed to be abandoned and in need of help, near Agassiz in southwestern Canada.

A volunteer sent by the association arrived at the scene and quickly located the animal in distress. A 4-year-old female pit bull, later named Dallas, apparently recently gave birth.

“She walked up to our agent and led her through the dense undergrowth,” Eileen Drewner, BC SPCA manager, told Kamloops Now. She followed the dog 150 meters through the vegetation, then she stopped in front of a bush. A volunteer discovered a hole there that a dog had dug to hide her 9 puppies.

Upon investigation, the association found that Dallas had an owner. Contacting him, the latter explained that the dog had disappeared and that he believed it to be dead. He added that he could no longer hold her, let alone her children, and therefore decided to turn them over to the BC SPCA.

All 10 dogs were examined by a veterinarian. The puppies are doing very well. Their mother follows a specific diet that allows her to gradually gain weight. All of them were placed in a foster family.

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