A man uses his drone to find and rescue animals stuck in rubble. (Video)

Doug Throne is a modern day hero. He uses his heat-detection drone to help animals in disaster areas such as fires, earthquakes or tornadoes. Since June, he has been working in Ukraine, rescuing those who find themselves in the war zone.

Doug Throne, 52, travels with his friend Ryan Okrant from the ASSERT Drone Animal Rescue Association of towns and villages around Kyiv in Ukraine to rescue dogs and cats in need. Using his drone, which detects body temperature, he can easily spot poor animals in hard-to-reach places.
Originally from Miami in the United States, this man landed on June 2 for what he describes as «the most intimidating mission so far.» «This is amazing. These cities look like they’ve been torn apart by a combination of hurricane and wildfire,» Doug told People magazine.

Doug and his team are escorted by the armed forces. They are waiting for the night to go on a mission. “Many people had to run so fast that they couldn’t bring their animals. Basically, they kissed them on the head and said, «Sorry, we have to go,» Doug complained.

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