A man dug a hole in the garden, and the dog sat next to him and watched, not knowing that the hole was intended for him

This story was shared by an American named Franklin Hardy. Once he went to Virginia to visit his father and found his parent doing a strange job։ he was digging a hole, and next to him was a faithful and beloved dog, his best friend.

Asked what his father was doing, Franklin received a shocking answer. It turned out to be a pit intended for a dog. The elderly man said that the veterinarian offered to give a final injection to the terminally ill dog in order to prevent further suffering.

This was especially surprising because, unaware of anything and perfectly healthy-looking dog watched the actions of the owner, and then began to run around the yard and play merrily. Franklin offered to see another veterinarian just in case, but his father grimly replied that he completely trusted his experienced professional.

But the son still insisted that the vet, even if the same one, be called again. He came, examined the dog and his verdict led everyone to bewilderment. He assured that there was no threat to the dog’s life and the need for euthanasia was gone.

Thus, the negligence of the veterinarian could cost the animal’s life. The young man told about this story on his page on the social network and warned people not to jump to conclusions. Users, in turn, expressed their outrage at both the actions of the lay doctor and the owner of the dog.


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