A 9-year-old boy was sweeping the streets to help his mother, for whom Mer gave him an apartment

Amir Gashimov has worked hard since childhood. This boy helps his mother to work before going to school. Where he lives, everyone knows him. The life of the boy’s mother is very difficult, because she has to somehow feed the 4 children.

She also rents an apartment. For this, a woman must hold 4 jobs. The family lives in Derbent. And when the mayor of the city learned of this story, he could not remain indifferent. He was so thrilled with the child trying for his mother’s sake that he decided to help her.

As a result, measures offered the boy to become his assistant. Inform about any problems in the area where the boy lives. Mer also bought her own apartment for this family. And very soon Amir and all his relatives will be able to move.


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