5-year-old boy visits the grave of his twin brother who did not survive and recounts his first day at school

The bond that unites the twins is something extraordinarily strong, which seems to surpass any other family bond. It is a relationship of great love, which sometimes even surpasses that between a mother and her child: the twins are the ones who complete the sentences of the other and who sometimes even seem to be able to feel the emotions of the other.

Maybe that’s why when separated for some reason, the twins seem to miss each other a lot more. Walker Myrick never knew his twin brother who grew up with him in his mother’s womb for nine months, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss him. Little Walker keeps the memory of his little brother alive, thus relieving the pain of his mother in the face of his loss.

Unfortunately, not all pregnancies are successful, and Brooke Davis has experienced that. The woman was pregnant with twins, Walker and Willis Myrick, but unfortunately the latter did not survive. Even before he was born, Willis was a victim of fetal-fetal transfusion syndrome, a clinical condition in which two or more twins share the same placenta and in which there is an unequal distribution of blood from the placenta to the twins. Unfortunately, in cases like this, the death rate is quite high, which is why Willis did not survive. Despite this tragedy, the child who survived birth, Walker, feels very close to his twin and often pays tribute to him, thus rekindling his memory.

“It’s one of those things… I really believe he will always have a connection with his brother,” said the mother, Brooke, visibly very affected by the loss of one of her two sons. The connection Walker feels with Willis, however, and the way he shows it, has made things a little easier for Brooke, who is proud that her son continues to remember his brother. The little boy, in fact, often dreams of his twin brother and it is not uncommon for him to go to his grave, accompanied by his parents, where he tries to talk to him, recounting his days. His mother took photos several times to immortalize such a moving scene.

In 2012, Walker was only 5 years old and had just started kindergarten. During one of his visits to his little brother’s grave, he began to tell him about his first day at school. A touching scene.

Even as the years go by, the bond Walker feels with his brother Willis doesn’t seem to change: “I still remember my brother, he protects me every day from up there,” little Walker said in 2016, at the age of 9. Thanks to Walker’s show of affection, Brooke, their mother, somehow managed to overcome the immense pain that the loss of her son had caused her. No one in the family wants to forget Willis, so much so that every year on the twins’ birthday there is a march to his grave, including the sale of T-shirts. The proceeds are then donated to a foundation that raises awareness of fetal-fetal transfusion syndrome.

We are confident that Willis’ memory will be forever cherished by his family.



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