Zoe’s new life with her savior almost a month after being stabbed and adopted by her savior!

Having miraculously survived a terrible attack in mid-May, Zoe completely turned this dark page of her life and began a new, much happier one, along with the policeman who saved her and adopted her. A man suspected of being the author of stab wounds to a dog was detained and prosecuted.

Fear and suffering are now behind us. Zoe, a 9-year-old female Boston Terrier, survived her injury and started a new life.

On May 17, a dog «in a state of shock» was taken care of at Quebec SPA, according to Felix Tremblay, director of the association. She received several stab wounds and was in a state of hypothermia, her condition was more than critical.

Without the intervention of the SPVQ (Quebec Police Service), she most likely would not have made it out alive. Despite what she had just gone through, Zoe was very friendly and gentle towards the spa team, veterinarians and police who were touched by her temper.

The dog was under observation 24 hours a day, on the first day she had bleeding and more than once it was believed that she died. But everyone did their best to help him stay alive. She herself fought like a lioness.

Now fully recovered, Zoe is living happy days with one of the Quebec cops who saved her. “We did not expect a better result. The animal is fine,” says Felix Tremblay.
The police officer in question chose to remain anonymous because the man «wants to focus on the dog’s survival,» explains Marie-Pierre Rivard, a police spokesman.

A 40-year-old man was arrested in this case. Suspected of stabbing a dog, she is charged with animal cruelty. We don’t know more at the moment.

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