Young man happy to hug his three-legged dog after looking for her for 6 months!

The Bear has finally returned home. The dog disappeared in 2021 when Hurricane Ida swept through Louisiana (USA). Its owner has been looking for it for 6 months.
To escape the natural disaster, Harrison Sibley fled Louisiana with his dog and took refuge in a friend’s home in Tennessee. Alas, the 10-year-old furry ball ran away from home and his owner went camping, according to an article published in the columns of People magazine on March 10, 2022.

The heartbroken man struggled to get his beloved three-legged friend. “Since then I have been to Tennessee 4 times, driven 3 times and flown once,” Harrison said. Because yes, after the passage of Hurricane Ida, it was not without difficulty that he returned to his home in Louisiana.

What a great reunion you’ve been waiting for!

It wasn’t until January that Bear was first spotted by Sevier County security cameras. A few weeks later, the couple managed to «catch» the tramp. Indeed, a Facebook group of volunteers was created during this period to help with the research, and a man named Jimi Holscher even used his drone to find the Bear, our colleagues from across the Atlantic report.

Thanks to this mobilization, the three-legged dog was able to say goodbye to his wandering life. «I’m just happy to have him back in my arms,» ​​said Harrison Sibley, «when I saw him again, the first thing I said to myself was, ‘Take him and hug him.»

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