You Won’t Get Bored With Him: This Shaggy «Guy» Knows Exactly How To Invite People To Play With Him!

Meet Riley — a cheerful and good-natured dog of the Golden Retriever breed! Once he was taken from a shelter, and now he lives with loving owners in one of the cozy houses in Los Angeles. Apparently, dog owners are busy people, and they do not always have enough time to play. That’s why Riley came up with an entertainment for himself! Which? You will find out about it now!

Big dog’s little trick

Every time a pet gets bored, it decides it’s time to play! To do this, the doggie rolls over the fence with his front paws, holding the ball in his teeth! As soon as a passerby appears, the retriever «drops» the little thing and waits for someone to pick it up! As soon as the ball is returned to the trickster, he again throws it over the fence, offering to continue the fun!

In most cases, this ploy works and the pet engages a random passer-by in a «Bring me a toy» game! Instead of a ball, there can be any little thing that the dog throws to attract attention! Of course, it is difficult to get past the charming trickster, and many people stop to pat him on his shaggy back or scratch behind his ear. It is easy to guess that the red dog gladly accepts «signs of attention» and does not mind at all being stroked!

In addition to his love of games, the red-haired handsome man is learning to become a “psychotherapist” dog for children, so popularity is only in his favor! Everyone in the vicinity knows and loves him, and Internet users joke that they would like to live next door to this “little boy”!

By the way, the owners created an account on Instagram, where the glorious dog is captured in various situations. It turns out that he not only knows how to throw a ball, but also likes to pose with funny signs in his teeth, is not averse to eating cakes and even carries shopping bags!

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