You will be amazed to know whose baby it is! A two-minute Video “from birth to a month” delighted everyone)

Does this charming, shriveled creature remind you of anyone? A newborn bald lump will soon grow into a cute but big beast!
Look at the photo of the charmer and guess who it is …

If you find it difficult to answer, then we will tell you who is in front of you. This wonderful creature is a baby panda! 🙂

The French zoo «ZooParc de Beauv» made an amazing two-minute video that shows how a small ball turns into a panda! 🙂

This is an amazing sight, because pandas rarely mate and give birth to offspring. In addition, their babies are born very small in size and resemble a puppy, not future large bears. 🙂

Well, isn’t that a miracle?

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