Are You Eating Snacks Without Me?)

Traveling with a pet is always quite a responsible mission, and you need to be prepared for anything. Sometimes our smaller brothers can arrange a whole performance even before customs inspection. They lie on the floor and do not want to go further or bark loudly, attracting attention to themselves and distracting airport employees from their work.

A dog named Huxley managed to amuse the audience and attract attention in a slightly different way. Nevertheless, he became a celebrity and cheered up everyone who flew with him on the plane that day.

The cute dog traveled with his owner from London to Ibiza. After some time, the pet was frankly bored and began to think how to entertain himself. Since the hostess named Ursula did not pay attention to him, Huxley was offended and decided to transfer to the passenger, who was sitting one row ahead of Ursula. He did not mind at all and began to stroke the dog, occupying his attention.
But it all ended when Huxley heard the crunch of his favorite snack. It turned out that the hostess began to eat without treating the pet! He could not stand this, so he put on a whole show for the passengers.

The dog began to stick his tongue out to reach for the treat. Then he tried to stick his muzzle between the seats. Then he began to show his teeth, actively demonstrating his interest in the yummy!

All his actions turned out to be so funny that it was impossible to look at it calmly. Passengers began to pay attention to him, and soon the boring flight turned into a funny performance in which the red dog became the actor!
Of course, the hostess, who also watched what was happening, took a few pictures and showed them online. The users were delighted, and Ursula herself admitted that she could not help laughing. By the way, the dog never got to the snacks, but he got to know the passengers, posed for a selfie with them and even gave them a paw as a sign of greeting!

We are sure that there was not a single passenger in a bad mood that day after they talked with Huxley!

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