You can’t even imagine what a magical transformation this mother rejected kitten you will see!

When a kitten is rejected by its mother, its chances are slim. This is called natural selection. The cat will indeed contribute to the survival of the strongest babies to the detriment of the weakest. That’s what happened to Henry. He was close to death, but the woman was determined not to leave him to his fate.

Best Friends Felines, located in Brisbane, Australia, have been entrusted with a tiny white kitten. The poor child was rejected by his mother. At 4 weeks, he weighed only 110 grams, which is a quarter of the normal weight at this age.

Nikki, a volunteer, took him to the vet immediately. “I named him Henry and promised that we would fight for him, but he also has to be persistent,” said the Love Meow girl.

Indeed, the livestock doctor was not optimistic. “He was seriously ill, dehydrated, malnourished and lethargic,” Nikki explained.

Henry was put on an IV. This way he was able to rehydrate and get the nutrients he needed so badly. Jill, the newborn’s caregiver, took him under her wing and brought him to her home to watch over him day and night.

The baby was not weaned and had to be bottle fed every hour with baby milk for cats. Gradually, Henry regained his strength and was able to try his hand at wet food. He showed a strong will to live and even began to explore his surroundings.

“Jill never gave up on him and attended our many visits to our vets without complaining and had days of little to no sleep. I’m sure she will agree with me that it was worth it,» Nikki explained.

After a few weeks, Henry became a completely different little creature. When he passed the 500 gram mark, the volunteers claimed victory. His days were no longer in danger. “We believe he has turned the corner and is on the verge of a full recovery, which brought us all here backstage to perform a dance of joy,” the orphanage wrote on their social media at the time.

At 3 months old, Henry was ready to go on new adventures. “It was a rollercoaster ride to heal this little man. With a lot of patience and love, he slowly grew into the beautiful young cat he is today,” Jill said sincerely.

Henry impressed all the participants with his stamina and gentleness. He was adopted by a woman named Kelly, who now takes care of him.

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