Worcester cat voyages six miles to Leigh Sinton rejoined much appreciated to Dutch couple on holiday!

Thanks to her microchip and the tourists who rescued her, the cat returned to her owners after running away for 5 weeks. The vacation couple who found her even intended to adopt her.
Coming from the Netherlands, Esther and Frank Lusse were on holiday in England and spent the end of their stay camping in Lee Sinton, Worcestershire.

It was then that they noticed a clearly hungry and exhausted cat. She was very thin and clearly needed help. The couple fed and comforted her, and then took her to the vet.

The veterinarian passed it to the ID chip reader and found that it was indeed on the cat. So he learned that his owners, who live in Worcester about 10 kilometers from him, they were looking for him for 5 weeks.

Esther and Frank Lusse fell in love with the cat and planned to return to the UK to adopt her if she didn’t have an owner. Therefore, they gave up as his family was found, but are glad to have contributed to their reunion.

«Esther and Frank are the real heroes of this story»

“For us, Esther and Frank are the real heroes of this story,” says Deb White, owner of the campsite. Without them, the animal would no longer be able to survive and find his people.

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