Women adopts a kitten in the shelter. Then, came back to the shelter to adopt their mother cat who was waiting for six months!

Queenie gave birth and raised 8 wonderful kittens, who were later adopted. The cat was the oldest resident of the shelter and saw how her relatives, one by one, join their new families, also waiting for this chance. Her wish came true just in time for Christmas.
A stray cat named Queenie, who was about 2 years old, was pregnant when she arrived at the SPCA shelter in Exploits Valley, Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada).

A few days later, a cat in a black mantle gave birth. 8 beautiful kittens were born away from the bustle, cold and street dangers. Queenie was visibly delighted and grateful to the front desk staff.

As a dedicated, caring and experienced mother, she raised her little ones to perfection until they were old enough to fly on their own.

“She loves everyone she meets. She also taught all her kittens to love people,” she says on the Exploits Valley SPCA Facebook page. In the end, all the little cats were adopted. Their mother kept waiting for her chance at the orphanage. In December 2021, she became the longest stay animal at the establishment; She has been there for 6 months.

One of his kittens, a female named Luna, who is a carbon copy of him, was adopted by Allison Crow. When she learned that Queenie still hadn’t found a family, she felt great sadness. She re-contacted the association to meet with her. It was love at first sight…

Queenie is now named Juno, and was thrilled to find her new home along with her baby Luna and her new dog friend Linkers.

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