«Wolfgang», the beagle, begins to transform and loses 27 kilos to finally find his home. tap the link and watch a video of this transformation!

Thanks to finding a family, the obese dog shed the extra weight that weighed him down and regained the joy of life. Wolfgang’s transformation is impressive and saved his life.

There is a striking contrast between the photographs of Wolfgang the beagle taken in 2019 and today’s photographs. You might even think that this is no longer the same dog, as his body has changed.

That same year, a couple in Phoenix, Arizona took him in temporarily to prepare him for a foster family. This is a volunteer activity that lawyer Erin McManis and her husband Chad Schatz have been practicing since 2009.

The dog then weighed 40 kilograms, which is almost three times the average weight of the beagle. The situation was more than alarming, given the health problems that this significant extra weight could cause him.

Despite being overweight, Wolfgang showed amazing mobility, but got tired very quickly. Chad Schatz took her for a walk every day to help her exercise. At first, these daily walks did not exceed a few meters. Then the distance increased very gradually, so as not to put pressure on the joints damaged by excess weight.
At the same time, his foster family put him on a high-protein, low-calorie diet. His meals consisted mainly of turkey and vegetables.

This isn’t the only good news for Wolfgang, as Erin McManis and Chad Schatz have decided to adopt him permanently. The couple became too attached to him to see him leave. A mutual feeling.

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