With the help of a kind family and many volunteers, the kittens are already gaining strength, and Mama couldn’t be happier. Tap the link and watch a video!

A family living in the Bronx, New York, USA, discovered a cat in their garden trying to somehow protect their three kittens from rain and wind. This makeshift habitat was not suitable for babies. Their lives were in danger.

Good Samaritans move small family to shelter and feed starving mom before contacting New York animal rescue organization Little Wanderers NYC

Lisa, co-founder of the shelter, immediately thought of a foster volunteer named Megan who would take care of the little family.

“When Lisa found out about it, she immediately let me know because we had a place. The family that found them very generously offered to put them in a box and take them to me.”, — told Meghan.

On May 7, 2022, Meghan and her husband Tyrone welcomed a tabby cat and her three babies. Arriving at the cozy home, the mother immediately stepped out of the shipping box to discover this warm environment. The abundance of food and caring people definitely convinced the cat to settle comfortably in a new home.

“She followed me as I weighed her three babies, but didn’t mind me picking them up. They were all of good weight and looked healthy. She trusted us right away,” Meghan said.

Today, full of life kittens have opened their eyes and are starting to want to move on their frail paws. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers, the whole family feels great.

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