With an iron will, a sick and mutilated cat begins the fight for the right to life!

In Turkey, a dirty and sick young cat was given the chance to live a fulfilling life thanks to the dedication of an animal lover. Although she has an atypical physique, the fluffy ball literally won the heart of her savior.
A homeless kitten with an unpleasant smell, covered in dirt and with serious infections was taken to a veterinary clinic in Turkey. Diseases have disfigured her small face, which gives her a special look.

When Ahsen, the animal rescuer, learned of the existence of this unfortunate animal, she rushed to the scene to give it a chance at life.

Frail and in poor shape, his chances of survival were very slim. But a young cat named Zombie had an iron will.

Ahsen could not leave the clinic without giving the animal a chance to fight. Driven by love for animals, a kind soul moved the puny creature into her home. The volunteer spent time cleaning and caring for her ward.
A real struggle for the right to life unfolded; Zombies have come a long way in recovery. Thanks to the devotion and love of his benefactor, the crooked feline jumped to his feet and regained his strength. Extremely grateful to her guardian angel, the young cat showed her affectionate gestures. Keeping warm under his wings, Zombie gained weight and began to thrive.

After the removal of 2 lower teeth, the cat was finally able to eat easily and comfortably. His life improved markedly after meeting Ahsen.
Knowing that she would pull through, Asen breathed a sigh of relief. When she fell in love with this adorable fur ball, she made him an official member of her extended family!

After 2 months of worries, rest and prayers, Zombie was ready to mingle with the pack of cats that share her heroine’s daily life. The newcomer made friends with all the household members.

A lot of joy comes from a cat who constantly wears a big smile. Wanderings, painful trials and all other bad memories are now buried forever. Zombies live richly and to the fullest every day, as if it were their last.

His resilience, his courage and his love for others are a great inspiration to us humans.

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