Why The Cat Began To Misbehave: The Reasons That The Owners Do Not Understand

Well, who will understand these cats? Either they are affectionate and purring, then they suddenly become harmful and do not give themselves up, defiantly leaving the owners in a place where they will not be reached. And sometimes cats can even surprise their owners in the form of a puddle in the middle of the house, an eaten flower or peeled wallpaper, along with the edges of sofas and armchairs.

Do you think that pets show resentment in this way or take revenge for something? No matter how! Everything is much easier…

Why does a cat misbehave?

So, any dirty tricks on the part of cats occur for three reasons:

1. The animal is under severe stress.
2. The cat wants to attract the attention of a person.
3. Kitty was frightened.

Let’s give a simple example: your pet began systematically “mark” your carpet. But this does not mean that she wants to do something to spite you. This is a special signal that needs to be taken seriously! The animal thus shows you that something is wrong. You need to understand as quickly as possible what exactly is happening with your pets. Cats are very clean animals that rarely poop. And if your purr begins to mark the territory, then this may be a sign of serious illness.

Let’s take another example. Kittens quite often choose the highest place in the house for themselves. It is there that they feel comfortable and safe. If your cat suddenly jumps on the table and starts eating your sausage, then you need to wean it from this. In order for your cat to stop being mischievous, for starters, do not leave food on the table. When you see that the cat wants to jump on the table, try hissing sharply or puffing at it with a spray bottle. A few times will be enough for the animal to stop stealing food from the table.

The most important thing that every owner needs to understand is that our cats do not have human motives for bad behavior! They just follow their instincts.

So don’t scold your cat too much if she does something wrong! Just try to understand it.

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