«Why are you sad, dog?» A Bulldog lives in Germany with unique eyebrows and facial expression. Tap and watch a video!

Meet Madame Eyebrows — a charming bulldog with a comical muzzle.

She lives in Germany with her family in a spacious house. Unusual color is only a part of what others notice. The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the absolutely incredible eyebrows that the dog has!

«Why is she so sad?»

This is the question every time Janina, the owner of a blue-eyed pet, is asked when she appears with a dog on the street.

And this is no accident: wide smoky arcs, like eyebrows, hang over the dog’s eyes and create the impression of minority and sadness. They completely change the expression of the animal’s face!
Because of these funny gray marks, one gets the feeling that the dog is tired or simply unhappy with life.

If you look at her photos, the bulldog’s face seems to say: “Don’t touch me, don’t come near and don’t communicate with me! I’m not in the mood!».

Madame Eyebrows lives in warmth and comfort, and the owners do not have a soul in her! The little bulldog gets along excellently with Luna, another dog who shares shelter and the owner’s sofa with her. So there is no reason to be sad!

The paradox is that the bulldog is NOT SAD at all! On the contrary, the blue-eyed baby has a cheerful character and loves to fool around!
Janina says that Madame Eyebrows loves to play, she is a lively and active dog, and she is never bored with her. In other words, the appearance of this dog is completely deceiving!

By the way, the bulldog is very popular in social networks!
For example, on Instagram, she has more than 120 thousand subscribers, and this figure is only growing!

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