Who said cats don’t like helping others? Click on the link and watch the video. Your heart will melt!

The action took place in Brazil. The child dropped the mother’s keys into the hole. The hole in question is in what appears to be a low wall bordering the entrance to a residential building. “If I hadn’t filmed, no one would have believed me,” we read in the caption to this video.

The mother tried to reach for the keys, but the hole was too narrow for her hand. His son couldn’t get in there with his fingers either. She then tried to fish out her keys with pieces of wood, but was unsuccessful.

All under the bewildered gaze of a black cat. The animal belongs to another tenant of the building. The cat first became interested in wooden rods used as improvised means, and then plunged its paw into a hollow.

The author of the video could not believe her eyes. The cat was obviously trying to get the keys. After the first try, the second one was correct. The woman could only collect her precious sesame seeds and thank the hero of the day.

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