Who Has More Acurate Hearing: A Dog Or A Cat?

Keen hearing helps animals in the fight for survival: thanks to it, they manage to avoid danger, hear the enemy before he appears, and, of course, without good hearing, there will be no successful hunt!

Let’s figure it out!

Dogs hearing

Dogs perceive a range of sounds from twenty to forty-five thousand hertz. Breeds with erect ears hear especially well (they turn slightly to better pick up the sound coming from the object).
Your pet has such keen hearing that it easily picks up your pulse, and thanks to this it understands whether you are nervous or not. Of all the huge stream of sounds, he is able to hear exactly the voice of the owner.

Cats hearing

Cats hear very different when compared to dogs. They manage to sort all sounds in certain directions. In addition, MURLs can turn their ears as much as one hundred and eighty degrees, and each ear does not depend on the position of the other. That is, a cat can listen to two (or more) different sounds at the same time, coming from different directions!

The range of sounds picked up by pets ranges from forty-five to sixty-four thousand hertz. It turns out that any sound that seems quiet to us can irritate the animal with its intensity! Now it is clear why cat does not like guests, noisy parties and screams.

Summing up, we can say that the hearing of cats is much more sensitive than that of dogs! Did you know about it?

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