While searching for her missing dog, she finds him in the lap of a famous actress in the middle of filming.

The owner of the lost dachshund was not only relieved to find him, but also experienced the greatest surprise of her life when she found him in Hilary Swank’s lap. The 47-year-old actress was filming next door.

A dog that ran away from its owner’s house was finally brought home safe and sound. And she found him during the filming of none other than the American actress Hilary Swank. It is reported by the Times Union on Tuesday, June 7.
Chelsea Blackwell adopted her dog Blue 15 years ago. Thus, the bonds between the senior dachshund and its owner are extremely strong. So when the quadruped disappeared on Monday, June 6, she wavered between panic and confusion.

As she continued to drive and look for her dog, she noticed several police cars and cameras crowded on one of the city streets. At first she thought she saw the scene of the crime, the scene of the shooting, but she didn’t; it was a shoot.
Chelsea Blackwell stopped to meet with a group of technicians and ask them without much conviction if they had seen her Blue, giving them a description of her. When they answered in the affirmative, she could not believe her ears. However, her surprises didn’t end there.

He was told that a celebrity found him without giving his name. Then, after a long wait, a gray car pulled up beside Chelsea Blackwell; Blue was waiting for him inside. He peacefully sat on the lap of Hilary Swank, who was seen in the films «Million Dollar Baby», «Black Dahlia», «Write to Exist», «PS I Love You» or even in the series «Trust».

Chelsea Blackwell thanked her warmly before asking for an autograph. The actress offered him the best; Photo for memory. A picture of Blue as the undisputed star and clearly shared by his mistress on social media.

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