When they spot this stray dog, the wife’s birthday surprise changes dramatically…!

On a weekend at the beach, the couple finally became a trio as they rescued a dog that was thought to be a stray, discovered along the way. This was just the beginning of an incredible adventure for Blue and his new friends.
For Brianna Hagood’s birthday, her husband Tyler organized a surprise weekend by the sea: during the trip, they stopped at a diner to eat. It was there that a young woman noticed a collarless dog roaming the parking lot.

She looked at Tyler, who immediately guessed her intentions, knowing her great love for dogs. He suggested she leave him, but she found an unrelenting argument to convince him, «I can save that dog if I want to because it’s my birthday!»

Her husband brought food for the dog, then Brianna opened the car door and asked the dog if he wanted to come on board. Even before she finished her sentence, the quadruped was already in the back seat.

“When I got out of the car, I knew that I would not leave this dog on the side of the road,” she said. The couple then asked about the animal at the car dealership and nearby stores, but no one seemed to know it.

Brianna and Tyler took him to the vet, who found that he wasn’t microchipped. They then went to the store to buy everything he needed so he could spend a weekend at the beach with them.

The dog clearly received a good upbringing. He showed this throughout his stay, including at the hotel and during the boat ride. Tyler, who was initially unenthusiastic, eventually became attached to him.
They posted pictures of him on social media. Upon discovering them, the animal’s family recognized him and contacted the couple. Brianna and Tyler then returned it to its owners. They learned that his name was Ducky and that he had run away from the garden while his masters were at work. Brianna was sad to say goodbye and happy to have allowed this reunion. However, her surprises didn’t end there.

Their fates were tied!

A few days later, the Blue family contacted them again. She realized that the dog was ultimately not very happy with her, and that he would be even happier with a couple. She asked him if he would like to adopt her. Brianna and Tyler apparently agreed right away.

They were on cloud nine, as was Blue when he discovered his new home and got to know the other two dogs in the family. Their fates were tied…

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