“When he came home, he immediately became affectionate, purring and meowing a lot”. Tap the link and watch a video of Max’s story.

A kitten with polydactyly (more than 5 fingers) and crooked ears due to a genetic anomaly unanimously accepts its adoptive owner. His cheerfulness especially captivated Mickey, a disabled cat.

Last month, Tara went to a private house to buy patio tiles. The salesperson then informs her that her neighbor is trying to adopt kittens that she cannot take with her when she moves. The man says that he is worried that the garbage is thrown in the middle of nature. A big animal lover, Tara goes to meet them and gets to know this unusual little kitten, and then returns home.

However, Tara couldn’t get it out of her mind. «So I came back,» she said.

Max’s strong personality allowed him to become interested in the dog Sarri and her fellows already living there: Mira, a staggering tortoiseshell cat, and Mickey, a black cat on a scooter due to Manx syndrome (a genetic defect that deprives an animal of a tail and causes skeletal malformations), from which he and suffers.

Mickey and Max very quickly became like 5 fingers on the hand: inseparable! Wild games and pleasant sleep brighten their days. Tara takes pictures and videos of them with great pleasure to convey this love to her Instagram community.

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