What is the purpose of this Labrador? Comforting young victims of violence during their interrogation by investigators!

At the French and US Memorial Hospital in Saint-Lô (50), abused children and teenagers now receive comfort from Ravel, a dog specially trained for this mission. This helps them relax and express themselves during hearings in the hospital’s forensics department.
For young victims of violence, talking about what they have experienced is sometimes an additional test and a source of stress. However, their testimony is necessary for justice to do its job. Ravel helps this process.

This 2-year-old Labrador Retriever was specially trained to help children and teenagers who have been attacked to confess during hearings at the forensic department of Saint-Lô Memorial Hospital in the English Channel.

With Ravel, these young people between the ages of 3 and 18 will find it easier to express their thoughts to police or gendarmerie investigators. Emily Moranse, a psychologist who takes care of dogs, is in the front row to see the effect a dog has on these victims, even after the interview.
“Thanks to him, the emotional charge that remains after listening is less negative,” she explains about this.

By the calmness and softness that a Labrador in black wool shows from the beginning to the end of the session, his presence is extremely valuable for the child. As soon as he sits down, the fang lands next to him, and caresses go almost systematically, testifying to the peace that the animal brings to the victim. And when it becomes difficult for her to speak, he comes closer to her to support.

It happens that these indications also affect specialists who organize and control this procedure with children. Ravel is also at their side, helping them regain their calm, just like he does with the victims.
«It’s like he’s continuing his stress relief mission with us this time around,» says Emily Moranse.

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