What does a cat want when it starts meowing and looking into your eyes? Let’s discover together…

If your cat follows you on your heels, meowing long and looking into your eyes, then she obviously wants something very much. Question: what exactly? It can be difficult to understand your pet, and we certainly look very stupid in the eyes of our own animal.

Here are the main reasons for a such behavior!

1. The cat wants to greet you

Sometimes cats come up to us just to say hello. This could either be early in the morning, or the time you usually get home from work.

2. The cat needs attention

If the cat is bored and wants to communicate, then he may well meow, looking into your eyes. Some pets really like when they are given attention. Perhaps your pet just loves to talk 🙂

3. The cat has a problem: he wants to eat, something hurts him, or it’s time to wash his litter tray

The reasons for this behavior can be very diverse: either the cat is hungry, or wants to play, or doesn’t feel well, or the litter tray is already dirty and it’s time to wash it. An animal can literally hypnotize its owner with a look so that he finally guesses what he needs. By the way, if you live in the same house with cats for a long time, then you have probably learned to recognize its signals.

Some animals just love to watch their owners, noticing various little things: where a person likes to sleep, where he goes to read a book, where his favorite mug is, etc..

Well, the conclusion suggests itself: cats love to communicate with us. And by the way, they love us too! 🙂

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