What a tiny friend! )) The guy did not plan to have a pet, but one day fate prepared a surprise for him ….

When a person decides to get a pet, it is important that it is a conscious act. We must understand the full responsibility that we place on ourselves.
But sometimes everything happens spontaneously, as if fate itself presents us with four-legged friends. This is exactly what happened to this young man from the USA!

Once the guy heard a quiet squeak in his garden, in the backyard. It turned out to be a tiny kitten, only a couple of days old.

“I found this baby in my backyard, in a hole under the fence. She is very weak and, apparently, she fought off her mother during the movements of the brood … ”, the man said on the social network.

The guy had to dismantle the stone base of the fence in order to pull the kitten out of the gap where he climbed. The first days the baby required very careful care, because for the time being he was blind. The man had to get up several times a night to feed and warm the baby!

On the 11th day, the kitten’s eyes opened, and for the first time he saw his caring friend. ))

Over time, the cat grew up, but the attachment to the owner only grew stronger!
They became best friends, and now a cute cat with amazing spotted colors always follows the guy.)

At the first opportunity, the pet jumps on the owner’s lap and falls into a sweet dream. ))

“The tiny kitten has grown into a very cute and incredibly loyal cat. I didn’t plan on having a pet at all, but I’m happy that I have one!”

That’s how this guy found a wonderful true friend. The cat thanks her savior with devotion and contented purring! ))

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