«We didn’t know what to do. But this dog was there and he needed our help.» Tap the link and watch an amazing rescue story!

The dog, which survived alone among the rocks, was saved thanks to strong mobilization. Its benefactors are now looking for its owners.

On Sunday, September 4, Kira Nieto was driving home when she noticed a dog on the side of the road in New Mexico, which clearly needed help. The lane was adjacent to the National Petroglyph Monument, a set of rock formations with very ancient carvings.

The driver stopped and tried to persuade the dog to get into his car, but he preferred to leave and sneak among the stones.

Kira Nieto immediately called the nearby social network Nextdoor. “ I took pictures to give an idea of ​​where we are and asked if any of the neighbors could come and help us. We didn’t know what to do. But this dog was there and he needed our help,” she says.

Very quickly, local residents came in large numbers, bringing water, leashes and treats to facilitate the capture of the quadruped. They found it hidden in a cavity with a very narrow entrance. The dog couldn’t get out.
They then started digging to widen the exit and were finally able to find the animal. He was then taken to a veterinarian who gave him a microchip reader. He didn’t find any.

“We don’t know how long he was there. But he is very thin. You can see his ribs. His collar slipped off his neck above his head,” says Kira Nieto.

Photos of the dog were posted on Facebook in the hope that his potential owners would recognize him and come to pick him up. For Kira Nieto, there is no doubt that he used to live in a family because he is educated and friendly. She is the one who takes him in until his owners are found.

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