«We are nowhere without each other!» Two old cats did not want to leave and found a new home together!

13 years ago, an elderly man from Washington noticed a cat near his house that was about to give birth.
He let her into the house so that she could bear offspring in a safe place.
So two pets appeared in his house — Phoebe and Fluffy. The cats lived happily with their loving owner for 13 years.

When the man turned 90, he realized that he could no longer take good care of cats.

Grandpa turned to Purrfect Pals, an organization that deals with the problems of homeless animals, with a request to find a new owner for the cats.
To increase the chances, it was decided to separate the pets. Finding a new home is difficult for 13 year old cats, and nearly impossible for two together.
But the staff at Purrfect Pals noticed that there was a very close bond between the sisters.

“When we separated Phoebe and Fluffy, they changed a lot. It was noticeable how much the animals are sad without each other. It got to the point that the cats began to refuse food, ”said the volunteers.

It became clear that it was impossible to separate the sisters. Soon a married couple appeared who agreed to take the cats together. Now they have new names — Sofia and Blanche.
“We immediately fell in love with these wonderful cats! All our pets were taken from the street or from a shelter, but this is the first time we have adopted a couple,” said the new owner.

The former owner of the cats was very happy when he was informed that the cats stayed together. He is very grateful to this family, because not everyone will agree to take two elderly animals at once.

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