Watch the moments a deaf dog was rescued after falling down a 100-foot cliff! Tap the link and watch a video!

The tramp got too far away from his masters and was in bad shape when he fell at the foot of the hill. The Association sent its emergency response team to rescue him..

An alerted local association for the Humane Society of San Diego sent agents to the scene. However, the latter could do little for the dog, because its location was very difficult to access. One of the participants tried to descend by overcoming a rock, which, however, was too unstable for him to continue moving.

Then it was decided to call the association’s specialized rescuers. As soon as they arrived, the members of this ERT (Emergency Response Team) got to work.

They started by deploying tethers and then climbed down to join the Australian Shepherd. They realized that Hobo was stuck in the bushes and his rescuers had to saw off several branches to free him.

They finally managed to lift it safely after 4 hours of effort. The dog was returned to the family safe and sound. This rescue involved 5 people.

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