Volunteers Teach Sign Language To A Sign Language Staffordshire Bull Terrier To Find A New Home For Him

Deafness does not prevent Rocco from being a dog full of vitality, playful and affectionate. Like his age. After the death of his former owner, this animal, having learned to obey the signs, is waiting at the shelter to be adopted.

Rocco is an 8-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who cannot obey verbal commands due to his deafness, but has been taught sign language, according to Wales Online.

He currently lives at the Llys Nini Animal Center in Penllergaer, near Swansea in South Wales. This is his second stay in this reception structure, where he arrived in February 2020.

Despite partial deafness, the dog quickly found a loving and caring family. Everyone at the orphanage was in awe of him. Unfortunately, one of his owners died shortly after, and Rocco was returned to the Llys Nini Animal Center.

«A great example of resilience»

Due to an ear infection, Stuffy is completely deaf. The association team then decided to teach him to obey hand signs and body language. In this way, he was able to integrate basic commands such as «down», «sit» and «do not move». And when you give a thumbs up, for example, Rocco is said to be a «good boy».

«Rocco is a great example of animal resilience and proof that adult dogs can be taught new tricks , » said shelter volunteer Sally Humphries . She says she is convinced she will make a «great companion» for someone who is retired or working from home.

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