Vet Was Recommend Euthanasia, But This Car-Hit Cat Wants To Live!

For the first veterinarians who examined Mikey, this injured and sick stray cat had no chance of surviving and it was better to shorten his ordeal. For others, solicited by the couple of volunteers who took care of him, he had to be saved at all costs.

A cat that was thought to be condemned was finally saved, thanks to the volunteers who took him in and the volunteers who believed in him.

The story takes place in Bulgaria. A stray cat had been hit by a car. The incident left him with a serious leg injury. No one had come to the animal’s aid, until PawMeow intervened.
They took him to a first veterinarian, who discovered that, in addition to his injury that would likely require leg amputation, the cat had FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) or cat AIDS. In the eyes of this practitioner, there was nothing more for him to do, and he suggested that Dessy and Stoyan euthanize him.

Mikey’s rebirth
Hospitalized for a month, Mikey saw his state of health gradually improve. He was finally able to get out of the veterinary clinic. There was no longer any question of amputation, let alone euthanasia.

The cat especially needs to be socialized, because during its wandering life, it had almost no interaction with humans. Mikey must however remain separated from his congeners, the FIV being contagious.
The other good news is that Dessy’s mother has taken him into her home. Mikey now has a family to start his new life.

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