Unusual Olive: A Cat With Two-Tone Eyes Conquers The Internet

If you like cats with amazing eyes, then this charming purr will definitely not leave you indifferent. Her gaze penetrates the very heart, leaving an indelible impression!
Meet Olive! On Instagram, the kitty is known as «Weird Eyes», and if you look at this little girl, you will understand everything without words.

Olive can be considered a unique creature, because this cat has the same eyes, but they have a double color — sky-gold! This type of heterochromia is called sectoral, and scientists claim that this is an extremely rare occurrence! It is these unusual eyes that our heroine has, whose Instagram account is gradually gaining popularity.

Luckily, Olive’s unique eyes don’t interfere with her vision, so her eyesight is just as good as any other purr’s. Moreover, the cat is incredibly lucky. Usually white purrs are practically not heard or completely deaf. Our charming heroine has bypassed this law of genetics, and she has excellent hearing!

And Olivy really likes to drive one of the kitties named Fifi, who lives with the owners. By the way, this fluffy young lady also has her own characteristics! If you look at her muzzle, you get the feeling that she is burned. And, on the one hand!

Unusual color, right?

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