Unable to operate on her cat with a broken leg, a student receives unexpected help!

Student Nina Sandoval does not have significant financial resources. However, she didn’t hesitate to take her cat Saira to the veterinary emergency room when she saw that he was suffering.

The cat jumped up from her bed and then began meowing in an unusual way. He could no longer lean on one of his obviously aching legs

At a veterinary clinic in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, an x-ray cost a young woman $300. For her, it was already a huge expense. He was told Cyr had broken his femur and needed surgery. The cost of the intervention reached $3,000.

Also, Nina Sandoval learned that evening that her cat was suffering from a «genetic weakness» that left her femur vulnerable. “I knew nothing when I saved him and his brother,” the student said.

She was in despair. She wanted to save her cat at any cost, but she couldn’t afford the expense. “I didn’t know what to do, these cats are my whole world,” continues Nina Sandoval.

Her story touched Dr. Oz, a veterinarian at the Rose Valley Clinic. He offered to exploit Raw Material at a reduced rate. In parallel, she received support from the Okanagan Humane Society. This Animal Welfare Association has developed a program for financially struggling pet owners to help them meet their other needs.

«I really owe a lot to Dr. Oz and the Humane Society»

The cat was operated on. The operation went well, Raw is now recovering. According to his owner, he is getting better and better.

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