Ukraine firefighters rescue cat from building on fire after military strikes in Kharkiv!

A Russian missile hit a wooden hotel-restaurant in the country’s second largest city, Kharkov. The blazing flames quickly destroyed 2,200 square meters of the building, but the firefighters present on the spot nevertheless completed their mission, coped with the fire and saved the little soul.

An adorable gray and white tabby kitten lay under the rubble, safe under a metal chair that protected him from the collapse of the building. Firefighters in full combat gear, despite the heat and thick smoke, rescued him.


Then one of the firefighters took the fluffy ball under his wing. The injured kitten was stroked vigorously to bring him to his senses.

Obviously, he inhaled poisonous fumes. However, fortunately, there were no burn marks on his small body. His fur was just stained with ash and dust.
So the Good Samaritan used the water from the fire hose to cleanse himself and clear his airways.

The cat’s child gradually regained its liveliness.

Moments later, the man yelled, «Give the kitten some oxygen,» according to NDTV. Thus, a mask designed for this purpose was put on his tiny face to help his lungs recover from the ordeal.
The firemen then took the child to safety. He was entrusted to the veterinary team who took care of him.

It turned out that the unfortunate paw was injured. However, he will fully recover after a few days of recovery.

Firefighters have been hailed online for their brave act towards this helpless little animal. «The real heroes of our time», you can read in social networks.

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