Two Ukrainian dogs affected by the war received a wheeled device and are now looking for a loving home!

Johnny and Phoenix have a troubled past and are now reborn from the ashes thanks to three associations.

One of them said that Johnny was shot dead by the Russian army and then left for dead in a war zone. The dog nevertheless crawled more than 3 kilometers with the last of his strength before he met help.

Volunteers then gave him the first aid and comfort he needed so badly. Unfortunately, serious injuries of two hind limbs led to irreversible consequences.

Phoenix also had the same unfortunate experience. He was hit by an airstrike that immediately removed part of his two hind legs.
In addition, he had a serious injury on his forelimb.

Luckily, he was also rescued in time by an association that advocates for the protection of animals in the field.

British non-profit organization Breaking the Chains Animal Rescue (BTC) repatriated Johnny and Phoenix to their shelter and later adopted them.
2 dogs were treated by a veterinarian and, surrounded by kindness and tenderness, recovered from their experiences.

To help them regain their independence, BTC turned to Walkin’ Pets, which provides wheeled devices for pets with disabilities.

The band gave Johnny and Phoenix 2 custom made chairs.
Therefore, they are ready to go on new adventures in nursing homes that will make them forget about their trauma.

Volunteers are currently actively looking for adoptive parents who can accommodate their disabilities and give them all the love they deserve.

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