Two orphaned kittens, born from the same mother a few days apart, meet at a shelter and never part again!

Cats usually give birth to all their kittens within a few hours. However, this young mother gave birth only to a child, which she later abandoned. The vet’s appointment showed that the poor thing had to have a caesarean section, as 2 babies had not yet been born.

A newborn kitten and his mother were spotted by the Good Samaritan outside in the cold. The duo was entrusted to the One cat at a Time association in Quebec. Unfortunately, the cat did not take care of her child. So a baby named Wendy was placed in an incubator with a heat lamp, and members of the shelter took turns feeding her from a bottle every 2 hours.

The mother was taken to the veterinarian for a pre-sterilization examination. The examination showed that 2 kittens had not yet been born. We had to act quickly. The cat and her offspring were in danger. “To our surprise, one of the babies survived. It was a miracle,” told Marie Simar, founder of One Cat at a Time.

The miracle was named Peter. Also abandoned by his mother, he was returned to his sister, Wendy. Despite their closed eyes, the two fluffy lumps immediately approached each other to warm up. “Wendy felt more secure when her brother was with her. They instantly became friends, — confirmed Marie.

Since then, Wendy and Peter have taken the beast’s hair. Their appetite became ferocious. As their eyes opened, they began wandering around to explore their surroundings. “They are both full of energy. They are still together and it helped them learn to be cats,» added Marie.

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