Two months after the disappearance of the cat, the unpredictable happened!

Once again, the identification of the animal allowed him to return to his family. Miri, a cat lost for 2 months, was found 100 kilometers from her owners’ home.

Lost in Victoria, British Columbia (southwest Canada), the cat was found 2 months later in Nanaimo, according to CTV News on Tuesday, July 5.

Miri, a 3.5-year-old tortoiseshell cat, is finally back with her family a few weeks after her runaway. “The day she disappeared,” says her owner Megan, “we called her name again and again, tried treats and looked everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found.” She thinks that the cat was frightened by the sudden appearance of a large deer near the house.

As the days and weeks passed, Megan and the rest of the family began to lose hope. Miri’s owner was just about to throw away Miri’s food when, out of the blue, she received a phone call from the shelter, the British Columbia Orphanage in Nanaimo, 100 kilometers away.

The association told her that they only accepted Miri after she was discovered on the street by a passer-by. The cat suffered an injury caused by a collar that surrounded its head and one of its paws. Cured to health, she was put through an ID chip reader, which revealed Megan’s coordinates.

She immediately got into her car to drive to Nanaimo with her son Dean and bring their cat home. “As soon as she saw us, she immediately approached us,” says her owner.

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