Two kittens are clinging to their lives with all their might.. You will be surprised at their willpower…

Born to a stray cat too ill to care for, 2 kittens cling to their lives with the help of an association, a foster family and a cat adopted by the latter. Today out of danger, they will soon be ready for a new start.
In late January, Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles was approached with a request for two newborn kittens that needed to be urgently rescued. Their wandering mother was ill and unable to care for them.

The cat was taken to the veterinary ambulance when she was about to give birth and was suffering from an infection. She eventually gave birth to a litter of 4 kittens, but only 2 survived.

Baby Kitten Rescue took care of the little cats and put them in an incubator to keep their body temperature at the right level. When they arrived, they were indeed stiff with cold, in addition to dehydration and loss.

The kittens, named Chandler and Monica (an allusion to the «Friends» couple), stayed together to keep each other warm and cheer each other up. Their determination and will to live was remarkable.

After 5 days, they were placed with the foster family of volunteer Pei Chiu. Very quickly, the young woman was able to appreciate their formidable resilience. “In my first hour with them, I realized that they had guts and that I was dealing with a very vocal and outgoing duo,” she tells Love Meow.

Monica and her brother are like twins. “I have never had a pair of [kittens] that are so similar to each other. Chandler has always been a little taller, but they are practically the same,” says Pei Chiu.
Pei Chiu, who is also assisted by Tuco, her cat, whom she welcomed and later adopted, and who always shows kindness to the kittens she adopts. He often comes to them and looks after them.

Their mother continues to recover from her illness. The woman who discovered her takes care of her and gives her antibiotics. The vet offered to spay her free of charge when her health condition allows.

Monica and Chandler, on the other hand, are growing and thriving day by day. As soon as they become sufficiently autonomous, they will be offered for adoption.

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