Two Kitten Brothers Are Inseparable!

Recently, a couple from Australia went to a homeless animal shelter to get a little fluffy pet. Before that, Grace and Jake had studied the site of the animal protection organization, which presented photos of animals that can be adopted.
The choice of young people fell on a kitten named Marlowe.

Arriving at the shelter, the couple asked the staff to show them Marlow. He sat in the same box with another kitten.

“They lay in a cage, hugging each other with tiny paws. As soon as we approached, the kittens immediately rushed to us, trying to get out from behind the bars,” the young people say.

The couple stayed at the shelter for a while. They are very fond of playing with kittens. The kids were very affectionate, but always tried to be as close as possible to each other.

It turned out that the kittens are brothers, they spent their whole lives together. Upon learning of this, Jake insisted that the babies should not be separated.
“Jake said that we have no right to leave one kitten in a shelter. We discussed everything and decided that both babies would go home with us!” Grace said.

It was a very happy day for the furry brothers, because they found a home and at the same time stayed together! The kittens settled into their new home in just a few hours.

“They are amazingly affectionate and always ask to be held. Our kittens are not at all interested in toys, they are more interested in playing with each other.

The brothers are very active throughout the day, and they always fall asleep next to each other, hugging each other. It’s just amazing, we didn’t even imagine that there could be such a close connection between animals,” Grace and Jake say.
Now the kittens are living a carefree happy life. They really like to explore the world around them and watch what is happening. But this is not surprising, because living in a shelter, they missed a lot!

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