Two dogs were on the verge of death after they ate chocolate and raisins found in the park! Be careful!

Carrie Allan lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her two purebred dogs, a golden retriever, Baxter and Oscar.

One evening, a 41-year-old woman went for a walk with her two faithful companions in the green park of the city.

“Looks like it was a picnic. People left their trash on the lawn,” Carrie said.
Interested, Baxter and Oscar ran to the trash cans in search of an impromptu treat. Approaching, their mistress found a candy with chocolate and raisins on the ground. Apparently his 2 dogs were having fun.

Realizing the risks to Baxter and Oscar, she hurried to the local on-call veterinary clinic.

Baxter was the greediest, going so far as to eat the wrapper. He immediately received medicine to induce vomiting, as the facts were recent.
Fortunately, he naturally got rid of most of the dangerous sweets for the body.

However, the vets placed him under sedation and observation. Oscar, on the other hand, has benefited from an activated charcoal treatment that neutralizes toxins from sweets.

Their hospital stay coincided with Baxter’s 8th birthday. Therefore, the Vets Now team organized an impromptu party for the dog.

“I got an email with a picture of him saying, ‘Hi mom, I’m fine! It really touched and comforted me,” said Carrie, who finally felt relieved.

The next day, 2 dogs were able to leave the veterinary clinic. Now they are in great shape and enjoy life again.
Carrie, shocked by what happened, now wants to inform the owners about the accident with her beloved dogs in order to avoid similar accidents.

Also, she begs people to throw their rubbish in the bin.

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