Two Alaskan Malamutes Who Lived In Total Autonomy Learned To Be Family Dogs

Dogs are usually socialized and trained from 3 months of age. Joe and Zach had to learn to adjust to a lifestyle they didn’t know before they were rescued.

The RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre, which specializes in animal welfare in the United Kingdom, rescued Joe and Zach, two Alaskan Malamutes, in 2021. The poor beasts were found alone among twenty other Siberian Husky dogs in a field. Obviously, canids knew this life only in the open air. “Their furs were incredibly dirty and tangled. It is likely that they have never seen a bath or a brush,” said a member of the association. Their owner lived in a trailer on the property, but left the premises without his backpack. So Joe and Zach were transferred to an orphanage to begin their metamorphosis. The rest, meanwhile, were transferred to various institutions.

When they arrived, Joe and Zach were horrified. “We even had to transport them from the van to the kennel. They had never seen a collar or a leash, so they didn’t know how to walk with them,” the volunteer said.

Then the members of the orphanage gave them care, which they were also not used to, but which seemed to please them. Their hair was pulled under general anesthesia, since it was simply impossible to comb them. Then, having settled into their new surroundings, they began their positive learning lessons. “They quickly realized how great it was to walk with their harness. It gave them back the freedom they were used to,” the dog trainer explained.
At the same time, the volunteers of the association did their best to make Joe and Zach feel happy and contented.

Now the two dogs are ready to start a new life in a loving and warm home. Therefore, the RSPCA encourages the potential owner to accept them. The adoption document stipulates that the ideal owner will know the requirements of the breed and will be able to continue their socialization and upbringing. However, the most important thing is that he shows kindness and affection.

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